Moving to Fort Worth (Part 1)




June 23, 2022

Moving to Fort Worth (Part 1)

With Fort Worth quickly expanding and growing, it's easy to see why people are looking to move there. The city has that Southern charm and homey cuisine. Who can say no?

Maybe you're one of those people. If you are and have no idea what you're getting yourself into- we've got you. 

This is Part One of two of our Fort Worth City Guide. 

Check out the topics we'll be covering.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Fort Worth! A City Overview

Chapter 2: Cost of Living in Fort Worth, TX

Chapter 3: Renting in Fort Worth, TX

Chapter 4: Best Neighborhoods in Fort Worth to Rent

Let's hop (or ride that bull) into it!

Chapter 1: Welcome to Fort Worth! A City Overview 

Welcome to the city of Cowboys and Culture! 

Being in Fort Worth is like being right on the set of a Western movie. We're talking cattle herding, rodeos, country music, cowboy boots, and that Southern hospitality. 

Fort Worth is a Texan smaller metro city with a population of about 920,000. But don't be fooled! It's still one of the fast-growing cities in America. 

The city is rich in history and arts. Some of the best museums across the U.S. are found there. It's also worth checking out the Fort Worth Opera house or its old western historical buildings across the city. 

The best part about Fort Worth (and all locals will agree) is the small-town charm and friendliness. It's really easy to feel right at home here. 

Stick around to see what else Fort Worth has to offer. 

Chapter 2: Cost of Living in Fort Worth, TX

Just like most of the other cities in Texas, living in Fort Worth is pretty affordable. The cost of living isn't very high- great news if you're looking to move there! 

Despite this, living here is still slightly more expensive than in the whole of Texas. The cost of living is about 6% higher than the Texan average. Fortunately, the cost of living in Fort Worth is about 2% below the national average! 

Let's talk in greater depth about the costs associated with living in Fort Worth, TX!

Average Income in Fort Worth, TX

The cost of living in Fort Worth is pretty low. As such, the average income for a resident isn't too high either. 

The median household in Fort Worth was about $62,187. Things get a little grittier when discussing the average income per capita. The average individual earns $29,531 per year. 

The average income of locals has also been increasing at a rate 3.5% per year. That's pretty solid!

Average Cost of Items in Fort Worth, TX

As we mentioned above, expenses don't run too high for Fort Worth residents. 

The most notable difference in their costs is in the housing market. Rent and house costs can be as much as 15% lower than the US average. The price of healthcare and food is also low. Fort Worth does bear higher utility and transportation costs, though. 

The taxes in Fort Worth are also a huge plus. Locals only pay sales taxes, which are 8.25%. They don't have to worry about paying state income tax since they don't have any! 

Down below is a chart of the cost of some other items in Fort Worth, TX. 

Chapter 3: Renting in Fort Worth, TX 

The rent prices in Fort Worth have been growing as more people move into the city. This past year, the monthly rent cost increased around 5%.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the current average cost of rent is $1,699. This price can be narrowed down to $1,300 for Fort Worth, though.

Renting a 1-bedroom apartment is going to cost around $1,200. A studio apartment rent is approximately $1,100 while a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,580. 

As Fort Worth continues to grow, so does the real estate market. If you need help sifting through Fort Worth's rental market, Lighthouse is here for you! On top of that, our team will get you cashback on your monthly rent if you choose to partner with us. It's a win in our books!

Chapter 4: Best Neighborhoods in Fort Worth to Rent 

Some really nice and fascinating neighborhoods are found in Fort Worth. Real estate in the area is very diverse. You can find anything from apartments to starter homes to massive estates. 

Down below, we'll discuss the most coveted locations in Fort Worth. 

Most Affordable Suburban Neighborhood: Wedgewood

If you want to live away from the commotion of downtown, Wedgewood is for you. This family-friendly neighborhood is located about 20 minutes from Downtown Fort Worth. 

People of all ages can live here if they're looking for a suburban atmosphere. Despite being further from the city, dining and nightlife options are still available. 

Most Affordable City Neighborhood: Arlington Heights 

Arlington Heights is only ten minutes away from Downtown Fort Worth. It's perfect for young professionals or singles who are looking for affordable rent. The average rent price in the area ranges around $1,050. 

There's also tons to do! Participate in their recreational activities, or visit their dining spots and botanic gardens. 

Most Urban: Downtown Fort Worth

We all know that the most dynamic part of every city is the downtown area. Well, it's no different for Downtown Fort Worth. 

The city's best entertainment, dining, and nightlife spots are found here. 

This location is more expensive but still sought out by professionals and singles. You can find a 1-bedroom apartment for approximately $1,200. 

Best for Families: City View 

The percentage of households occupied by renters in City View is over 80%. This is a pretty high number, and due to the location's safety and affordability. 

You can mostly find families residing in City View. This area has many top-rated schools and preschools, making it desirable for those who have kids. 

Commuting from City View can be a little complicated though. The neighborhood doesn't have great transit and walkability scores. If you're considering a move here, it would be in your best interest to have a car.

Best for Young Professionals: CentrePort Business Park 

This neighborhood is very popular among young professionals. The rental market is huge here as almost all homes in CentrePort Business Park are rented. 

Many residents do have to commute about 15 minutes to get to work, but at least the rent is pretty affordable! Along Route 360, you can also find many dining and shopping options. 

Best for College Students: TCU-Westcliff

Many young professionals, college students, and university faculty reside in TCU-Westcliff. That's because Texas Christian University is located in the area. 

TCU-Westcliff maintains its suburban feel while remaining close to Downtown Fort Worth. Despite being a more peaceful neighborhood, there are still plenty of things to do. Attend sports events, museums, or one of the many outdoor activities the area has to offer!

TL;DR - Conclusion 

This guide was very comprehensive so let's summarize everything that was mentioned. 

The City of Fort Worth is all about cowboys and that Southern charm! The city is quite affordable (2% below US average) which means that the average income isn't that high. Rent costs are super cheap too, which is a great bonus. The average cost of rent is around $1,300. The city has tons of neighborhoods, most of which are charming, safe, and full of outdoor spaces. Downtown Fort Worth is where most people live, but TCU-Westcliff is a great option for our fellow students. 

If you're moving to Fort Worth and haven't found a rental apartment, we're here for you! Lighthouse will help find your perfect rental home and get you up to $1200 in cashback. 

Let us know what you thought was the best fact about Fort Worth in the comments below! 

Check out Part 2 of our Fort Worth City guide to learn about its attractions, jobs, and transit system. 

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