Here's how
it works

Here's how it works

What every renter needs to know before the journey begins. It's really simple.


The average cash back a renter on Lighthouse receives

Lighthouse is the number one apartment finder on TrustPilot

The process

5 steps
Start your search
You'll receive a list of apartments that meet your specs— all of which offer cash back. It's like online matchmaking, but more rewarding.
Meet Lighthouse
Your Lightkeeper is an apartment pro who will research, hand-select listings, schedule tours, and navigate you through the application process. It's a breeze.
Explore your options
Browse over 80,000 buildings and discover how much cash back you can earn at each. Let our rewards program help guide you home.
Apply and add Lighthouse
Add "Lighthouse" as the referral on your application.
When the apartment recognizes that you worked with Lighthouse, the real magic begins.
Earn your rewards
Once we approve after move-in, we'll send you a link to pick up your cash back. The process is quick and easy. It's your reward for being a great renter.

Work with a Lightkeeper and get the best deals!

  • Your personal apartment locator
  • Curated listings send directly to you
  • Save time and get the best deals

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