Forward. Our favorite direction.

We’re on a mission to help renters build wealth through homeownership.

Be kind. Do good. Help others.

We want to see more people moving forward in life, whatever that looks like for you.

Unlike other apartment searching sites, we’re on a bigger mission—helping renters move forward in life. Whether it’s an investment you want to make, a debt you want to pay down, or just an item that would make your apartment feel more like home, we’re here to light the way forward.

Home gives you the
freedom–and stability–to be you.

Housing stability empowers you to launch your career, find love, create and explore your dreams, and grow. Having a roof over your head is a right, not a privilege.

More than a crash pad,
it’s a launch pad.

Home is where you can kick back and recharge. Where you dream big and go for it. At Lighthouse, we see your next move as a launchpad to a happier life.

See what we see.
You in a home of your own.

We see renters as future homeowners, community builders, and wealth creators. We believe it starts with cash back on rent,
but that’s only the beginning.