Welcome To Housing Rocket

Welcome To Housing Rocket

Hey everyone, I'm Matt, the founder of Housing Rocket, a proud part of the Lighthouse family. Our mission is to make Facebook housing searching a lot safer and more reliable. Thanks to our shared commitment to security and community, we've expanded to over 1.3 million members in 600 cities and colleges worldwide. It's been a joy to meet so many of you online here.

The online search for housing is chaotic— there are scams and unreliable listings everywhere, without many safe or organized spaces. Housing Rocket is setting out to change that, offering groups where safety is more than a goal; it's our requirement.

Our Approach

Scams are an unfortunate reality in online housing. As hard as we try, scammers are still everywhere in our groups. Here's our approach to tackling this issue:

  • Moderation: While we aim to check every profile, the sheer volume means some scams do slip through. We're transparent about this challenge and are always improving our techniques to better safeguard the community.
  • Education: We constantly share tips and updates, empowering you to recognize and avoid scams.
  • Reporting: Spotted something suspicious? Report it directly using the groups features. Your vigilance is essential in keeping the community safe. Call people out and save others.

This journey is about more than finding housing; it's about building a safe and trustworthy community. As Housing Rocket evolves, our core values of safety, transparency, and community remain steadfast. For more details on our approach, you can check here.

Expedited and Promoted Posts

Understanding the urgency sometimes involved in finding housing, we offer expedited posts for a nominal fee through Stripe, ensuring quicker visibility. Additionally, for those looking to maximize reach, we provide options for featured posts. These services are part of our commitment to serve your needs while keeping the platform running smoothly. See more information about these plans here.

Looking Ahead

Our goal is to make a real difference in how people find housing on Facebook. We're in this together, and it's your involvement that drives the change. Let's continue to build a safe, supportive space for everyone.

Thank you for being with us on this journey.


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