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It's free to post in a Housing Rocket community, but sometimes approval can take 2-4 weeks. We created a new service to speed this up.
Why wait for your post to be approved when you can jump to the front of the line? With this service, your post is usually approved within an hour, ensuring your listings get the attention they deserve without delay.

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Sometimes finding housing on Facebook can be challening. We are also reserving the top featured spot for paying customers. Receive more impressions, likes, comments, and find what you're looking for.
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Why Housing Rocket?

We host the fastest growing and most engaged housing groups on Facebook. Our team spends hours curating the best listings, ensuring a high-quality experience for both seekers and advertisers
  • Profile Review
    We carefully examine each member's profile to verify its authenticity. We look at location, history, and 4-5 other metrics that we believe keep the groups safe and align with our community standards.
  • Post Review
    We receive 5,000+ posts each day, so we can't review every one. However, we broadly sample groups to check for appropriate content and make sure it is relevant to housing.
  • Active Moderation
    Our dedicated team actively monitors the groups around the clock, addressing any issues and ensuring a smooth experience for all members. Report posts using Facebook's native feature and we will check their validity.
  • Community Feedback
    We value input from our community and incorporate their feedback to continuously improve. If you tag us, we will listen.
In Boston, we've blocked over 12,000 people. That's 16% of the group 🤯

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