November 2022 Lighthouse Update

November 2022 Lighthouse Update

Not only is it November, it's almost halfway through November. We hope your month of October was as great as ours. We are coming off of record numbers of placements and total cash back to customers.. Let's kick things off.

Astros win the World Series...

We're not much baseball fans but we had to take not of some of the crazy deals we've seen floating around. Specifically, the "Deal of the Century" deemed by  Ibi for Prose Champions. This. This was shared across our Houston Hot Deals Facebook group, as well as in a specific blast to Houston prospects. The deal featured:

  • Look and Lease - receive waived app and admin & $200 gift card upon move-in
  • One month free upfront on second full month (we do not prorate)
  • $1,000 check or gift card if ASTROS win the world series - they play tonight so they would need to apply today if we win; or tomorrow before game 7.
  • Adjusted down pricing. A1 starting at $1223, A2 starting at $1347, B1 starting at $1454 (only select units left for this pricing)
Astros Lighthouse
Astros Win!

Second chance and issues guide

Renting with issues is hard. Our team at Lighthouse went ahead and wrote the ultimate guide about how to rent with issues, including evictions, broken leases, criminal history, and no/low credit. The guide includes

  • scripts 📝
  • top lists of buildings that can work with your issue 🥇
  • issue specific recommendations and deep dives 🔬

Check it out here. Be sure to look at all of the building recommendations!

New blog post format

We also designed a new blog layout. It makes our posts easier to read and includes a better table of contents. How meta. We hope you're enjoying it here.

Lighthouse blog

Continued social success

We're still really early in our social media strategy, but two of our TikTok channels are seeing some early success. Check them out here:


Lighthouse ATX

Let us know what you think and make sure to follow.

Our blog was also named one of the top 20 apartment blogs in the world by Feedspot. What an accomplishment for such a new blog! We're excited to take this to number 1.

Market update

More positive news for renters so far this month. The number of availability units is slowly trending up, concessions are coming back, and we've even seen some prices fall. Here's the scoop in Dallas:

  • Net absorption tanked to (2,116) units in Oct. 
  • DFW's occupancy rates dropped 0.8%, with some markets shedding 2%
  • Properties beginning to offer pre-COVID level commissions and concessions 
Net absorption

Huge news soon

Finally, stay tuned for a large Lighthouse announcement later this month. We're going to announce the biggest piece of news we've ever had. We can't wait for all the positive things ahead.

So here ends the November update. If you're ever in the marketing for a new apartment, make sure to check out Lighthouse, or download the Lighthouse app, and see how you can get up to $1,000 off your next new lease.

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