Meet the Lightkeepers

Everyone can use a helping hand every now and then, especially when it comes to finding a place to live. Lightkeepers are ready to help no matter how small or big the tasks is — from getting updated pricing to hand-selecting a list based on your unique preferences. Meet the team and schedule a discovery call today!
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Lauren Schwallier
Nashville, TN
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Ansley Knott
Austin, TX
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Joel Munoz
Dallas, TX
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Gabby Adesso
Orlando, FL
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Ibi Alazzawi
Austin, TX
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Sydney Kearns
Austin, TX
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Shelbi Moss
Austin, TX
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Cash back on rent. Great thing, or greatest thing?

For some, cash back means a bit of extra spending money. For others, it’s a way to pay down some debt, or a bigger nest egg for a future home down payment. Whatever the case, cash back is a move forward—and we think that’s a great direction to move in.
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The apartment marketplace working harder for you

We're all thinking it, so we'll just say it. Finding a new apartment can suck
At Lighthouse, we make it suck a lot less—with a marketplace full of options, cash back incentives and experts who help you search and sign with confidence, renters insurance, and more

Meet the Lightkeepers. Your apartment wish is their command

Search and sign with confidence
Extra cash is a great perk of working with us, but our Lightkeepers are a close second—apartment pros who will research, hand-select listings, schedule tours, and navigate you through the application process
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Cash back. It’s the lease we can do

Get cash back to move forward
Whether it’s an investment you want to make, a debt you want to pay down, or just an item that would make your apartment feel more like home, we’re here to light the way forward

The future of apartment
renting starts here