What We Know About Skyline at Cedar Crest

What We Know About Skyline at Cedar Crest



2720 E Kiest Blvd, Dallas, TX 75216




Groundstone Development

Property Manager

Texas Inter-Faith Management Corp


Skyline at Cedar Crest would have amenities including a swimming pool, fitness center and classroom, plus services including three-times weekly shuttle to grocery stores and onsite career training, adult education and food pantry.

Estimated Budget



Feb 23, 2021 - Skyline at Cedar Crest, a 109-unit apartment complex planned for 2720 E. Kiest, would cost almost $22.6 million to build, and it would have units available to residents with a mix of incomes.

Twenty-two of the apartments would be available at market rate, and the rest would be for people earning a percentage of Dallas’ adjusted median income of $60,340 for a single-person household and $86,200 for a family for four. Here’s the breakdown: 9 apartments for residents making 30% of the median income, 35 for those making 60%, and 43 for those making 80%. (Oak Cliff Advocate)

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