What we know about Roots Homes

What we know about Roots Homes

Are you tired of traditional rent-to-own options and looking for a more flexible homeownership solution in the Las Vegas area? Then look no further than Roots! Offering an innovative and flexible approach to renting and building equity, Roots is revolutionizing the Las Vegas rentals and Las Vegas housing market.

Roots operates by allowing you to rent a property and build equity with every payment. With 1-4 bedroom options and pricing that includes utilities, Roots makes it simple and easy to find a home that suits your needs. Unlike rent-to-own models, Roots does not require a downpayment or a long-term commitment. Plus, with the option to purchase a home anytime, you can grow your investment at your own pace. In fact, 10% of your rental payment goes to building equity.

Roots is not only a more affordable option, but it's also better than traditional rent-to-own models. With the freedom to move at any time and retain your equity, you can experience the benefits of homeownership without being tied down. You can even build equity in multiple Roots properties, making it possible to diversify your investments and enjoy the benefits of owning different types of Las Vegas homes.

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What makes Roots stand out is its flexibility and affordability. Very similar to Lighthouse, Roots aims to make homeownership more accessible for everyone. Additionally, if you're worried about eligibility, the company offers alternative ways to qualify, such as pre-payment of rent or using a cosigner.

Currently available only in the Greater Las Vegas Metro Area, Roots is an intriguing option for those looking to build equity while enjoying the flexibility of renting. Whether you're searching for Las Vegas rentals or interested in exploring alternative homeownership options, Roots offers a unique and exciting solution. To learn more about Roots, check out their site here.

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