Create an Impressive Rental Resume

Create an Impressive Rental Resume

As the rental market continues to flourish, the competition for rental properties is fiercer than ever. Now, you may ask, how can I make my application shine among the multitude of hopeful tenants? The answer might surprise you - a rental resume.

What is a Rental Resume?

A rental resume is similar to a job resume, but instead of highlighting your job skills and experience, it focuses on your history and qualifications as a tenant. While it isn't a mandatory part of every rental application, a well-crafted rental resume can dramatically boost your chances of securing your dream rental. It presents you as a professional, responsible individual who takes the tenancy seriously - a trait that landlords highly appreciate.

Why You Need a Rental Resume

The rental market is brimming with potential tenants, making it challenging to stand out. A rental resume serves as your personal marketing tool. It positions you as a highly attractive prospect who is committed to maintaining a harmonious and responsible relationship with their landlord and the property. So, if you're keen on landing a great rental, a compelling rental resume is the way to go.

Crafting an Exceptional Rental Resume

Creating a rental resume is an art, with the power to set you apart from other applicants. The contents of your rental resume should give landlords a comprehensive view of your history and abilities as a tenant. Here's what to include:

  1. Objective: Similar to a job resume, your rental resume should begin with a brief objective - a 2-3 sentence summary of your rental goals. This could include what you're looking for in a property, your long-term plans, and why you're a stellar tenant.
  2. Rental History: Landlords are highly interested in your past behavior as a tenant. Thus, your rental history should include essential details about your previous residences - the address, your landlord's contact information, how long you stayed there, and the rent you paid. Mentioning the reason for moving can also be insightful.
  3. References: References are a landlord's window into how you behaved in past rentals. You can include written recommendations or provide the contact details of your references in your rental resume.
  4. Tenant Background: This section allows you to add more depth to your rental resume. It should detail your current employment, education, and whether you have pets or roommates. Personalizing this section with your hobbies or interests can help you connect with your potential landlord on a human level.
  5. Work/Employment: Demonstrate your financial stability by including your employment history. This reassures landlords that you can afford the rent. Remember to provide your employer's contact details for verification.
  6. Additional Documents: Alongside your rental resume, be ready to provide income verification, proof of finances, rental history, and rental payment history.

How to Stand Out as a Prospective Tenant

Even with a stellar rental resume, going the extra mile can significantly enhance your chances of securing a rental. Consider these tips:

  • Dress professionally: Business casual attire is appropriate for apartment viewings.
  • Punctuality: Arrive on time or early to show your responsibility and respect for the landlord's time.
  • Be Engaged: Show genuine interest in the property and ask questions. This indicates that you care about your living environment and are likely to take care of the unit.

A Free Rental Resume Template

[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]

I am seeking to [Your Rental Goals]...

Rental History:
[Property Address, Landlord Contact, Length of Stay, Rent, Reason for Leaving]

Tenant Background:
[Brief Bio, Current Employment, Education, Lifestyle Information]

[Job Title, Company Name, Supervisor, Annual Income]

[Name, Relationship, Contact Information]


There you have it, a comprehensive guide to creating a persuasive rental resume! If you're on the hunt for a new rental, head over to Lighthouse. Our Lightkeepers (apartment search experts) are ready to help you find the perfect home. Plus, we offer cash back on leases - an offer too good to resist!

Remember, a well-structured rental resume can be a game-changer in your rental application. It's more than just a document; it's your chance to make a compelling first impression on potential landlords. Happy house hunting!

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