February 2023 Lighthouse Update

February 2023 Lighthouse Update

February has been a fantastic month for Lighthouse. We're thrilled to share that this month has been an incredible success, as we've achieved a record high in revenue. Our team has grown increasingly stronger and these results are a testament to our hard work... February is bring lots of new changes across our site and marketing efforts. We look forward to continuing to launch new features and become the best apartment service this world has ever seen. All while paving the way to homeownership.

Here are a few of our product changes

  • We revamped the onboarding experience to be easier for users to get to searching
  • We've made nice improvements in our mobile app to bring it on par with the web app
  • We continue to develop a new property page for users to get info about listings
  • We've published 80+ employer pages and 30+ property manager profiles. We will continue to publish these daily

As you might have noticed, we're also shaking things up a little with a new color scheme, inspired by the spectrum of light. This change is aimed at refreshing the Lighthouse brand and bringing a new level of energy and excitement to the company's visual identity! It feels a lot more exciting and characteristic of cash back on rent. You will see it working it's way in!

Lighthouse Houston
Lighthouse Houston

In addition, we've also kicked off its social media strategy by sharing our great top list blog content across multiple channels. You can follow these accounts here: 

Positively, we can also announced that our Facebook groups have reached a significant milestone - we now have over 400,000 members! Our Facebook groups have been instrumental in helping people find housing by connecting them with landlords and property managers. Here you can see our list of Facebook groups.

Looking ahead to March, Lighthouse has exciting plans in store. We will be conducting some great A/B testing, working on new emails, and improving our property page design. With a user-friendly interface, informative content, and continuous improvements, we think Lighthouse is an excellent choice for renters looking for their next apartment. So why not give Lighthouse a try and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

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