What We Know About Gin Mill Flats

What We Know About Gin Mill Flats



8224 Webb Ferrell Rd, Arlington, TX 76002






Leon Capital Group


Gin Mill Flats will be an affordable, safe, and walkable community. The community will have 243 one- and

two-bedroom rental homes including 18 townhomes. The low density and lack of three-bedroom units

allows for minimal impact on MISD schools. The units on the ground-floor will offer private yard for direct

access to the adjacent courtyard, amenities, or open space. The community will also provide residents

with two points of ingress or egress, which will help limit traffic congestion by removing the opportunity

for residents to congregate at one primary entrance.

The developer looks to theme the entire development with a “modern farmhouse” motif. Modern

Farmhouse architecture is a very popular form of residential architecture. Perhaps the most recognizable

characteristic of a Modern Farmhouse is the gable roof that emphasizes the height of the structure. There

are two main exterior siding styles that communicate Modern Farmhouse design: lap, and board and

batten. Lap consists of long, horizontal boards that each slightly overlap the one below. The board and

batten effect is created by placing vertical boards with overlaying narrow strips, called battens. Many

traditional barns were built with this style and the incorporation of stone fuses traditional rural farmhouse

detail with contemporary materials for a refined and authentic aesthetic.


Feb 4, 2021 - The Arlington City Council has given the green light for developers to move forward with their Gin Mill Flats development in southeast Arlington. The planned development will have 225 one- and two-bedroom apartment dwelling units, including 18 multi-family two bedroom units with townhome character. The apartment buildings will be three stories, and the townhomes will be limited to two stories. It will be built at 8224 Webb Ferrell Road and Debbie Lane, just west of State Highway 360. (Facebook)

Estimated Completion Date: Coming Soon 2023!

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