Startups That Lighthouse Loves

Startups That Lighthouse Loves

At Lighthouse, we are always searching for the best new companies and tools that make our site better and our team more efficient. Check out some of the top new startups we've been digging recently.




  • Fellow. Team-based to-do lists
  • Jitter. Animate your Figma files
  • Rize. Track your days and performance
  • Cron. Superhuman for calendars. Recently bought by Notion
  • Airtable. Everyone knows about Airtable, but the Lighthouse team is too obsessed.
  • Superhuman. Once you switch, can you go back?
  • Raycast. Elevate your Mac's spotlight

Real estate

  • Certapet. Get an ESA certification
  • Boom. Report your rental payments


  • Zurp. Gen Z charge card


  • Paralect. Not just a development, they are a venture studio
  • Scalero. The best email lifecycle marketing studio

If you have others in mind, let us know! We'd love to hear all about them.

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