13 Apartment Amenities You Can't Miss

13 Apartment Amenities You Can't Miss

Apartment amenities get ignored by many renters. Especially for young ones or those who are trying to save. Many of us believe it's just an extra expense that allows the landlord to raise rent prices (I've been one of those people). 

While that might be very true in some cases, having included amenities in your rent can actually be a means of saving money for many people. And, you'll get the perk of having said facilities just a few steps away from where you live.

Let's go over some apartment amenities many renters swear they can't live without.

1. In-unit washer or dryer

Those dreaded laundry days get the best of everyone. Before you know it, it's been days since you've done the laundry, and you're scrambling to find one clean shirt to wear. 

Although having an in-unit laundry setup isn't going to magically make you wash your clothes, it definitely helps. Many people procrastinate this chore for the mere fact that they have to lug their linens down a few flights of stairs or have to bring them to a laundry facility. 

Apart from it being convenient to have in your home, it's also an expense you don't really have to worry about. 

I once lived in an apartment building that charged $3 per load- washing or drying. Just doing a load a week would put me out $6. It may not seem like a lot of money, but these types of expenses rack up over time. 

Not to mention that having your own washer or dryer means you don't have to wait for other tenants to finish their loads. Additionally, many building laundry machines are tiny, forcing you to do multiple loads instead of just one (which sucks if you have to pay per load). 

It also helps with the mess factor since many people don't properly clean up after themselves once they finish their laundry. 

2. In-building gym

Whether you're an exercise junkie or a casual gym-goer, we've all been made well aware of the importance of exercise. For most people, that means frequenting a gym. 

The average gym membership in the US costs around $510 a year. If gym facilities are included in your rent, that's half a grand you end up saving at the end of the year. 

3. Parking

This won't pertain to everyone except those who have cars. But, boy oh boy, does having assigned parking take a load off your shoulders. Apart from not needing to find street parking every time you use your car, you also won't risk getting any parking tickets. 

This is especially important to consider when living in larger cities or places with stricter street parking rules. Additionally, many places that get snow won't allow you to park overnight on the streets during the winter. 

So, having a parking spot included with your rent will relieve that stress at the end of the day.

4. Elevator

Nowadays, most large apartment complexes do have elevators. What you should watch out for are the older, smaller apartment complexes. 

Many of those are 3-5 floors high. The best part is- surprise- some don't come with elevators. Unless you want to lug an entire apartment's worth of furniture up a few flights of stairs, you may want to consider moving into a home with elevators.  

On another note, it's worth mentioning that you should always note the proportion of elevators available to the size of the apartment building. 

It's very common in large cities, like NYC, to have 5 working elevators for an apartment complex with over 50 floors. If you can guess where I'm going with this, it has become a common occurrence for renters to wait up to 10+ minutes waiting for an elevator. 

5. Furnished apartment units

If you've built your own furniture collection over time, then this doesn't apply to you. However, furnished units are super useful if you're a new renter or moving to a new city. 

You'll eliminate moving costs, time, and the effort it takes to move your furniture into a new home. Additionally, you'll be able to entirely cut the cost of furnishing your home (which can be very pricy).

The only con to this perk is that you won't get a say in the decor or style of the furniture. You may get stuck with an uncomfortable couch or mattress. The good news is that those are easily fixable with a mattress pad or some plush linens. 

6. Heat & air conditioning 

This is an important one. Having heating or AC in your apartment can be the difference between living comfortably or feeling slightly hypothermic/heat exhausted during temperature-extreme days. 

It's the most important if you live in very hot or cold cities. It's a luxury but many people can't live without their AC to get them through brutally hot summers.

7. Security measures

A great feature (that should never be overlooked when renting) is extra apartment security measures. Some buildings will have the whole nine yards- keys, fobs or key cards, concierge, and security guards. 

Although I can argue that not all those things are needed, it's good to know when a building is concerned with your safety. 

Even a building with double door locks, security cameras, and a carded entry method will be a lot more secure than a home with just a key lock. 

8. Pool

For many, a private pool is the ultimate luxury, either for exercise or lounging. A rooftop pool means nothing gets in between you and that glorious blue sky plus a steady breeze to cool things off. Balcony or ground-level pools are sometimes an easier add when rooftop space is at a premium. For the next level, make sure it's heater and comes with a hot tub.

9. Rooftop space

What better way to escape the daily grind than to gaze out over the horizon? A rooftop deck is an experience that should be lived at least once in a lifetime. Commune with the sky solo, host an event with friends or hold an impressive meeting for clients with a view.

10. Outdoor kitchen

For apartments without a balcony, an outdoor kitchen with grills and nearby seating is a handy and safe option for those wanting to get their gill on for everyday dinner or a special occasion.

11. Coworking spaces

With a growing trend away from traditional workspaces, coworking spaces have sprung up in every major city in the U.S. Having business-grade meeting areas steps from home is a major bonus for young professionals and students.

12. Green spaces

For those that don’t have their own backyard right outside their door, a landscaped community green space is a premium addition. A piece of nature amidst the bustle of city living goes a long way towards creating respite after a long day or a welcoming outdoor venue for family and friends.

13. Retail areas

Live above anything from dining options to FedEx and newsstands, convenient retails options offer much appreciated quick access to everyday necessities.

We hope you found our tips useful! Is there an apartment amenity you would consider investing in for your next rental unit?

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