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The (not so) fine print

We like to keep things simple. So here’s the fine print of our referral program.
Your followers need to sign up using your referral link or add your referral code to their account in order to qualify. They must do this before the apply to any apartment.
You and your referee will each receive $50 when they sign a lease and moves into an apartment that is in the Lighthouse network.
Let’s use an example. You referee signs a lease at an apartment they found on Lighthouse - on their own or with a Lightkeeper. They listed Lighthouse as the referral source and received confirmation from Lighthouse.
When they start their lease, they will receive their cash back plus the $50 referral bonus. You will also receive your $50 referral reward.

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Fun facts

Avg Instagram influencer refers 88 people - earning $4,400
The biggest referrer has referred 999 in 2022 earning $49,950, which is enough to cover their rent for 1.5 years!
In 2022, our influencer community members referred 10,000 of their followers. Earning $500,000.
One influencer with over 300k followers has made over 10 posts resulting in zero referrals.
One influencer referred a follower who ended up living in same apartment building - they are now engaged!

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