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Zurich Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, and it's also the country’s financial center. There are plenty of attractions in Zurich to keep you entertained while you're there, including museums, parks and even an amusement park! The city is divided into twelve districts with each one boasting its own unique culture and character. The local economy is strong thanks to the high concentration of businesses based here.

The city of Zurich is a beautiful place to live. With many attractions, it's a great place for tourists as well as residents. The city has many museums, parks and even an opera house. If you're looking for something more active than sightseeing, there are also plenty of sports teams in the area that offer both recreational and professional options.

There are many neighborhoods within Zurich that are very popular among expats because they offer so much in terms of culture and entertainment but still have good access to public transportation or other amenities like grocery stores or restaurants. Popular neighborhoods include:

Aussersihl - Located west of downtown Zurich, this area is made up of mostly residential houses and apartments. There are some shops and restaurants here but it’s mostly family-friendly (and quiet).

Grosser Hafner - This neighborhood is located southwest of Lake Zurich and has beautiful views of the water along with some great parks nearby like Hessepark (with its lovely botanical garden). It's also close enough that people can bike over on weekends or after work if they want some fresh air!

Bülach - This small town just north of Zurich offers great public transportation options while still maintaining its own identity as part of Switzerland's largest urban agglomeration outside Zürich-Langnau district; all around good vibes!

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