University of Pittsburgh (PITT) Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)

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University of Pittsburgh (PITT) Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)


The University of Pittsburgh is known for its strong programs in the hard sciences and engineering, with a particular focus on computer science. Students who major in these areas have an excellent chance of finding highly-paid jobs when they graduate. If you're not sure what you want to study, consider taking one of their intro-level classes so that you can try out different fields before settling into a major.

The campus itself is located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh's downtown area. It's easy to commute from there, but it can feel like a bit of a trek if your bus doesn't run frequently or gets caught up in traffic. Fortunately, most students live either off campus or within walking distance from campus so this isn't much of an issue!

Students at the University of Pittsburgh are a diverse group, with a wide range of interests and ambitions. While some students choose to focus on their studies, others are more interested in campus life and extracurricular activities. Regardless of whether you want to be involved or not, there's always something going on at Pitt! There are clubs for just about everything: sports teams, political groups, and music ensembles.

The campus itself has a lot to offer students. There are multiple libraries, including one that is open 24 hours, as well as several other buildings dedicated to housing classes and research centers. There are also plenty of green spaces and walking paths throughout the grounds for those who like to get some fresh air while on campus!

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