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The University of Louisville is a large school, with around 23,000 students. It's known for its medical programs and research opportunities, but there are also plenty of arts programs available too! They have an excellent reputation for athletics and their basketball team has had some success in recent years. Many students choose to live on campus due to its close proximity to campus (a five minute walk). However, off campus housing is also very common as well if you don't want to live with roommates or in a dorm room!

The university offers both online and on campus classes that can be taken at any time of day or night. Students can choose from over 100 different majors that range from creative writing to biology and everything else in between!

Overall life on campus is great; there are lots of activities going on every day so there's always something fun to do no matter what your interests are (or when you want it). There's also plenty of places where students can go grab food or snacks if they get hungry!

The city itself isn't too big so most people live within walking distance from campus but if not then bus transportation will take them wherever they need to go within minutes without having wait long lines either before getting off!

The university is located right next to the Ohio River, which makes it a great location for boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities like hiking or biking. The city has many parks and trails where you can go on your own or with friends. With such close proximity to downtown Louisville itself too!

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