University of Iowa (UI) Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)

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University of Iowa (UI) Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)

Iowa City

The University of Iowa is a great option if you want to study in Iowa City, which is known for its friendly, small-town charm. The campus itself has over 70 buildings on 1,900 acres and is located on the south side of the city. There are over 30 majors available at this school and it's known for having a high graduation rate (80%). Most students live on campus in one of three residential areas: North Campus, South Hill or West Campus. There are also several off-campus housing options and many students choose to rent an apartment instead. If you're looking for something more than just a bed and bathtub, search our list below!

If you are someone who likes to be surrounded by countless opportunities, then the University of Iowa is your place. The university is known for its highly-ranked engineering department and its prestigious business school. The courses offered at the university will allow students to explore their interests and find what they love within a wide range of subjects. I would also recommend taking advantage of the many opportunities available through extracurricular activities on campus because these experiences can help you make valuable connections in your field and get a leg up when it comes time to graduate.

The University of Iowa’s main campus is located in Iowa City, which has a population of about 57,000 residents. This large city is the home of many cultural attractions, including restaurants, theaters and museums. The school offers a variety of degree programs that can lead to careers in everything from public health to art history. Because this city has so much to offer its students beyond academics, it’s an ideal location for off-campus living as well!

The University of Iowa has many on-campus resources for students. There are over 100 student organizations to join, including Greek life. If you're looking for some off-campus fun, there are also several bars and restaurants nearby. Students can even compete in intramural sports like badminton, bowling or dodgeball!

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