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University of Illinois at Chicago is known for its strong liberal arts programs and affordable tuition costs. The school also boasts a large number of graduate assistantships, which can provide financial aid in the form of a stipend or a tuition waiver. If you're interested in law, business, or engineering fields, this is a great place to start your college career.

If you would like to live on campus at University of Illinois at Chicago, there are several options available: UIC Village (on South Halsted), which houses more than 2,000 students; North Campus Apartments (off North Racine Avenue), where almost 1,000 students reside; and West Campus Commons (off Harrison Street), where 850 students live off campus. Students who choose these options will have access to all the amenities provided by them such as gyms, pools and laundry facilities.

North Side residents should consider living near Lincoln Park Zoo or Lake Michigan beaches because they offer plenty of outdoor activities including hiking trails that lead down towards waterfalls behind Oak Street Beach where visitors can relax under beautiful trees while overlooking Lake Michigan's skyline before heading back up again!

This university is located right next door to one of the largest hospitals in America. It also has a great school for those looking into pharmacy or medical fields. If you want to live on campus, consider living at the apartment complex called Bridgeview because it's close by! There are plenty of restaurants nearby as well.

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