Temple University Apartments and Housing (No Spam) 🏡

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Temple University Apartments and Housing (No Spam) 🏡


Temple University is located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This school has a reputation for being one of the top universities in the state. Students are able to major in many different subjects including criminal justice, digital media and health professions. Students have access to many resources on campus that help them succeed in their classes. Living on campus can provide students with opportunities for community service and participation in various student-run organizations. The campus has been ranked as one of America’s safest campuses by Business Insider Magazine so you will be safe from harm while attending this school!

Students who live off campus tend to rent apartments near campus or apartments close enough that they walk or bike everywhere they need to go, even if it means having less space than students who live on campus would get if they lived at Temple University itself instead! If you want more information about how much an apartment might cost per month then please visit our website where we have listings available right now so check out all your options before making any decisions because this information could save yourself lots of money!

On campus life can be hectic with so many students but it's also very social with plenty of clubs and activities organized by the student government. Students do not need to live on campus, though they may choose to do so if they want easy access to classes or want a more traditional college experience. Most students live in off-campus housing within walking distance of Temple University's main campus on North Broad Street in North Philadelphia. The advantages of living off campus are numerous. Off campus students can often find cheaper rent than what they would pay to live in the dorms while still enjoying all of Temple's amenities and social events. On top of that, the city is a great place for students to explore and learn about their new environment.

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