Seattle University (SU) Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)

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Seattle University (SU) Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)


If you’re looking for a great school with a smaller campus, Seattle University may be the place for you. It is known as a Catholic university and has been around since 1891, so it’s been around long enough to have gone through some changes. The school offers a wide variety of majors and minors including pre-law and pre-medicine programs that are sure to excite any student interested in these fields. Students also can choose from several different study abroad programs if they want to get out of their comfort zone for a semester or two while still getting credits at home.

Seattle University's College of Arts & Sciences offers a wide range of majors, including psychology, music and religion. The university's campus is also home to its business school and law school.

The majority of students live on campus in one of the three residence halls or seven apartment complexes just off-campus. Students who prefer to live off-campus can find affordable options in the surrounding neighborhood, including Seattle University Commons (a student housing complex) or in the nearby Capitol Hill neighborhood.

What really drew us to this college was how much emphasis was put on community service within the student body and faculty members; many students volunteer with local charities throughout their time at Seattle University which makes them feel like they aren't just going through the motions but making real differences in people's lives which can help develop leadership skills later on down life's road (if desired). Another reason why we chose this school was because we heard about all sorts of opportunities available outside academia such as research opportunities or internships where students can work directly alongside professionals doing work that interests them most.

With a student body that's over 70% female, Seattle University is definitely one of the most female-friendly colleges in the state of Washington. The ratio of women to men on campus is almost 2:1 which means there are plenty of eligible bachelors for girls looking for love or just some good old fashioned fun (with no strings attached).

The college is located in the heart of downtown Seattle which makes it a great place to live, study and play. All sorts of different events happen on campus every week ranging from concerts by local bands to poetry readings or even art exhibits by students.

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