Minneapolis Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)

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Minneapolis Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)


Minneapolis is one of the most affordable cities to rent in. The median price for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,097 per month, according to United States Census Bureau data. The average household size here is 2.5 people and the average home value of homes sold was $187,000 in 2017 . In addition, many apartments have been updated with modern amenities like Wi-Fi connections and new appliances that make it easy to live comfortably on a budget! You may find yourself getting more bang for your buck when compared with other U.S cities like New York City or San Francisco where housing costs are much higher than what you would expect them too be based on income earned by residents within these areas; however there are still some good deals available throughout Minneapolis so don't be afraid if you're willing enough then keep reading this guide because we'll show you how easy it really can be..

Minneapolis is a large city with plenty of options for renters who are looking to buy or rent an apartment. There are many neighborhoods to explore and you'll find that there's something here for everyone! The average household size in Minneapolis is 2.5 people, making it a great place to live if you're looking for roommates! We've put together some tips on what makes each neighborhood unique so that you can decide which one will be right for your lifestyle and needs.

The North Loop is a great place to live if you're looking for a unique and vibrant neighborhood. The North Loop is home to many local businesses such as boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. There are also some larger corporations in the area including Target Corporation headquarters which sits right on Target Plaza South. The North Loop is a neighborhood in Minneapolis and home to many college students. The neighborhood was originally called Washington Avenue South, but the name was changed to help distinguish it from other neighborhoods that had similar names such as "North Side" and "West End." In recent years, there has been an influx of luxury condos being built along this stretch which has led some people refer to it as "Luxury Loft District". Rent in this neighborhood is generally higher than other parts of Minneapolis, but you can find apartments for under $1,000 per month if you're willing to share a two-bedroom unit with someone else.

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