Lexington Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM) 🏡

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Lexington Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM) 🏡


Renting in Lexington is affordable, with a median rent of $1,440 per month. The average one-bedroom apartment in Lexington costs about $1,120 per month, while two bedrooms average around $1,300 per month.

In contrast to the city's low rents and good housing availability, Lexington's cost of living is relatively high when compared to other parts of the state. The average monthly cost for groceries is $545 and transportation averages out at $435 per month. Utilities run an additional $200 per month on average. However, this higher cost of living can be offset by some lower utilities bills if you use less electricity than the average resident (less than 12 kilowatt-hours per day), which would save you about 30% on your bill compared to someone who uses more than 30 kwh/day

In a city with such low rents and good housing availability, the most important thing when looking for an apartment is location. The best part about living in Lexington is that it has a very well-developed transit system. There are lots of different options depending on where you live or work. The public transportation system consists of buses, trains, shuttles, and more. There are also taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber/Lyft.

While Lexington is not the largest city in Kentucky (that would be Louisville), it is an up-and-coming area with plenty to offer. It's also one of the most affordable cities when it comes to renting, so you'll want to consider this as an option if you're looking for a place on a budget.

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