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Guadalajara Apartamentos y Casas (NO SPAM) 🏡


One of the biggest and most popular cities in Mexico, Guadalajara is home to a large population of expats and tourists alike. Known as "The City of Roses", Guadalajara's cultural impact is prominent throughout its history.

Some of its most popular attractions include: El Parque de la Independencia and Museo Regional de Occidente. El Parque de la Independencia is the largest park in central Guadalajara, this public space commemorates the Mexican War for Independence. It also contains several museums, including one dedicated to Diego Rivera's artwork.

Museo Regional de Occidente was founded in 1943 by Carlos Pellicer Cámara and located near El Parque de la Independencia. This museum showcases objects from Western Mexico's Pre-Colombian history as well as colonial times up until the 19th century.

From an economic standpoint, Guadalajara is considered to be one of Mexico's wealthiest cities due to its large industry base (especially automotive related) along with being home to many international companies including Telefonica and Hewlett Packard (HP).

If you're looking into renting an apartment in Guadalajara, here are some popular neighborhoods including Colonia Americana or Colonia Alamos where many foreigners choose to live because housing costs tend not be as high there compared other parts within city limits like Zapopan or Tonalá which tend have higher prices due demand levels being higher than supply levels.

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