Georgia Southern University (GSU) Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)

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Georgia Southern University (GSU) Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)


Georgia Southern University is a public university in Statesboro, Georgia. It has over 20,000 students, making it the largest university in Georgia. The school is well known for its large forestry program, as well as its nursing and business programs.

Some of the best subjects to study at GSU are biology, criminal justice and healthcare administration. If you're interested in these fields or anything involving the outdoors (such as forestry), GSU is likely the perfect fit for you!

Students can live on campus or off campus; however most choose to live off-campus since there are so many apartments and houses within walking distance from campus that offer competitive prices on rent each year. In addition to this housing option being affordable and convenient for students who want an easy commute back home after class every day without having to drive themselves around town all day long while worrying about parking spaces (or even getting towed!) also allows them more freedom than other types of housing options like dorms would normally provide - which means less stress too!

The school's sports and recreation facilities are also worth noting. The school has a large number of student clubs, organizations, intramural sports teams and more than 30 varsity teams that compete in NCAA Division I athletics. Students can join any club they want on campus, as well as participate in one of many intramural leagues like flag football or basketball!

The school also has a recreational center that offers many different kinds of activities like bowling, racquetball, swimming and much more. The rec center is open to the public but students get discounts on these activities as well! The University of South Florida has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings for three years running now; so it’s clear that this school knows what it’s doing in terms of offering great education and opportunities to its students.

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