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Eastern Michigan University, located in Ypsilanti, is a public university that offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate degrees. With a student population of about 23,000 students, it's one of the largest universities in Michigan. EMU is known for its strong athletics program—the Eagles have won three national championships and 22 conference titles since 1991.

The university has been ranked as having one of the best business programs in the country by U.S News & World Report every year; it's also ranked among the top 30 public universities with an excellent engineering school. Academically speaking, EMU offers top-notch programs across many disciplines including computer science, education (including special education), English literature/composition and history education along with other fine arts programs like music composition and performance studies or cinema production & editing (both minors).

The EMU student life experience can be both exciting and intimidating for students new to college life. Students often choose to live on campus their freshman year due to the amount of time they spend at school during the week, many courses are offered only once per semester so classes run Monday through Thursday with Friday off (this means that assignments are often due on Wednesday nights). As such, many students find it useful to have access to an "academic adviser" who helps them navigate difficult situations and stay on track academically throughout their four years at EMU.

The campus itself sits on 570 acres with numerous recreational areas including tennis courts, baseball fields and soccer fields as well as several parks throughout campus grounds where students can enjoy their free time after class hours are over for the day! The city itself has many restaurants nearby if you want some variety when going out for dinner or drinks--or even just want something different from what your apartment building might serve up.

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