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Downtown Los Angeles

The rent in Downtown L.A. is more expensive than most other parts of the city, but it's still very affordable compared to other locations. If you're looking for a great location and a low price, this might be the right choice for you. It's also one of the safest areas in Los Angeles County!

When it comes to rent, the downtown area of Los Angeles is quite a bit cheaper than the rest of LA. For example, you can find an apartment for around $2,200 per month on average in this neighborhood. If you're looking for a more affordable option, then consider moving to South Pasadena or Sierra Madre where you'll pay on average between $1,000-$1,500 per month for your new apartment!

The cost of living in Downtown Los Angeles is pretty high compared to other parts of Southern California; however due to its proximity to many different business districts and entertainment venues it makes up for it by offering lower housing prices than other neighborhoods like Beverly Hills or Bel Air do.

You should also consider safety when looking at rental units in Downtown Los Angeles since many people think that areas close-by East Hollywood are dangerous places due to its proximity with Koreatown which might give them reason not want live there without knowing anything else about those areas (this happens often!). However if we look at crime statistics provided by LAPD departments such as Rampart Division (which covers most parts of DTLA except Chinatown), we see that there hasn't been any increase or decrease over last few years so overall these areas are safe places if you take necessary precautions while walking around after dark hours - just make sure not too late at night because most businesses close their doors during those times anyway.

When choosing an apartment in Los Angeles, you'll want to consider things like: cost of living, types of homes available (single family or condo), and city density. For example, Downtown L.A.'s population is 1.5 million people per square mile while San Fernando Valley's population is only about 100k people per square mile! This means it will be easier for you to find neighbors who share your interests -- whether that's music lovers looking for local concerts or foodies looking for the best restaurants.

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