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Detroit Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM)


How much are apartments in Detroit? The median rent for a studio in Detroit is $550 per month, while a one-bedroom goes for about $720. Two-bedrooms average $1,040 and three-bedrooms are around $1,360.

What's the cost of living? The overall cost of living index for metro Detroit is 117—meaning it costs 11% more than the national average. If this isn't high enough on your list of priorities yet, keep reading!

What neighborhoods should I look at? We've got plenty to choose from here in metro Detroit: Downtown (yep), Midtown (yes please), Corktown (huh?), New Center/Westside (take me back). Each neighborhood has its own unique vibe—but there are also tons of shared qualities too! You'll find things like great restaurants and nightlife options; cool stores like Shinola or John Varvatos; historic buildings that date back over 100 years; easy access via public transportation or car service Uber or Lyft; safe streets with ample parking opportunities...and let's not forget everyone's favorite thing about living here: sunshine!

The city of Detroit is located in Wayne County and has a population of over 700,000 residents. The metro Detroit region has a population of over 4 million people. Residents enjoy the amenities of being close to the lakeshore and are able to take advantage of numerous cultural events throughout the year. You can choose from an array of neighborhoods ranging from urban areas with old buildings or new high-rise condos along Woodward Avenue (known as ‘The Avenue’), single family homes on tree lined streets with manicured lawns, or suburban developments where you can find great schools and shopping centers nearby.

While crime rates are higher than average for cities with similar sizes; this should not deter potential renters as long as they know how to avoid trouble areas such as downtown after dark when most businesses have closed their doors because they don't feel safe walking through there alone at night unless accompanied by someone else who lives here too!

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