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Coppell Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM) 🏡


Renting cost. The average price of rent in Coppell is $1,066 per month according to 2018 data. That’s a bit below the national average but still pretty affordable compared to other cities like San Antonio, where you'll pay around $1,250 per month on average if you opt for an apartment there instead of this suburb of Dallas!

Renting affordability. Though rents are slightly lower than those found in San Antonio ($1,250 vs $1,300), finding an affordable place still isn't easy—you may need $2-$3k a month after taxes and fees just so that you can afford something nice enough for your needs! However luckily for us these apartments come with amenities such as free wi-fi Internet access (which makes it easier too).

The city of Coppell has an overall crime rate that is 68% lower than the national average. There's also a safety index of 14 (10 being the safest). This means that if you live in Coppell, your chance of becoming a victim is 1 in 7,943.

Cost of living. The average cost of living in Coppell is $2,663 per month—that's $1,597 less than renting in Dallas! Types of homes. If you're looking for a home to rent in Coppell, you'll find that the city has some great options for families as well as individual renters.

City density. Coppell has a population of 45,961 people within its 16 square miles. This means that on average there are 2,873 people per square mile! That's more than double the number who live in Dallas (which itself is actually only slightly above 1,000).

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