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If you’re looking for a school that has fantastic academics, Colgate University is the right place for you. With a small class size of 1,900 students and a 6-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, this private liberal arts college offers an intimate learning experience.

The most popular majors at Colgate are biology, economics/business/finance, English literature/letters/writing (double major), psychology and political science; however the school also boasts excellent programs in other fields such as architecture and art history.

While many students choose to live on campus in one of two residence halls at Colgate (the Hillside or Mathers Hall) some prefer to rent apartments near their classes instead of living on campus. If you’re interested in finding off campus housing near Colgate University there are plenty of options available nearby including condo buildings as well as houses with roommates! If you are looking for something more affordable than renting an apartment then consider sharing someone else’s home

Colgate University is located in the village of Hamilton, New York. The town has a population of approximately 7,000 people and is situated in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. Hamilton also has many shops and restaurants to choose from as well as a number of small parks that offer great places for students to relax during their free time.

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