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Located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Bucknell is a private liberal arts college that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. The school was founded in 1846 and named after William Bucknell of New York state. Bucknell has a total enrollment of 4,973 students as of Fall 2018. The university is known for its emphasis on creative writing and English literature. Students can choose to major in English (BA), English (MA), or Creative Writing (MFA).

Students at Bucknell live on campus in one of three different residential communities: Easton Hall, West Campus Apartments, or Lower Quadrangle Apartments/Apartments at Shannon Hall. Most students live on these campus locations since it is required if you are living within 5 miles from the school. There are plenty off-campus housing options too though!

Bucknell offers over 50 different clubs and organizations on campus, including a student government and Greek life. The school mascot is the Bison and the official colors are blue and gold.

Bucknell offers over 150 undergraduate majors and minors, including the following: Accounting (BA), Biology (BA), Business Administration (BA), Chemistry (BA), Creative Writing (BA), Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BS), English (BA), History (BA), Interdisciplinary Studies (BA), International Business and Economics (BS), Marketing (BS), Mathematics and Computer Science (BS), Music (BA), Philosophy (BA), Physics and Geology (BS), Political Science (BA), Psychology (BA) , Sociology (BA). Students can also choose from a wide variety of pre-professional programs including: Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy and Pre-Veterinary Medicine.

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