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Arlington Apartments and Housing (NO SPAM) 🏡


If you’re looking for a new place to rent in Arlington, keep in mind that the average monthly lease price is $1,275. However, this figure can vary depending on which neighborhood you choose—the city has several different areas with distinct characteristics and amenities.

When you’re searching for an apartment or condo in Arlington, think about where your priorities lie: do you want a place close to public transportation? Or maybe hiking trails and green space are more important than proximity to schools or work. If so, consider living near Columbia Pike or Ballston neighborhoods; these areas have abundant bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets that make it easy to get around without driving. It's also worth considering how much time it would take to commute by public transit if that's important for your commute (the Metro station at Courthouse is just two blocks away).

If safety is a priority when choosing an apartment community, consider places like Shirlington Village or Arlington Highlands—both neighborhoods have low crime rates according to Neighborhood Scout data from 2018. Other factors such as cost of living or types of homes available can also affect rental prices: condos tend to be less expensive than apartments because they don't require building maintenance costs like heating bills; however there may be fewer options available when searching for rentals because condos aren't popular among investors who typically buy them up after previous owners move out (which means limited supply).

In conclusion, if you want to save money on rent then look for neighborhoods with high density where it's easy to get around without driving and don't forget about the cost of living. This will help narrow down your choices when searching so that you can find something within your budget.

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