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Create your profile by answering a few questions. You’ll receive a list of apartments that meet your specs— all of which offer cash back. It’s like online matchmaking, but more rewarding.

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You have a new search partner! Your Lightkeeper is an apartment pro who will research, hand-select listings, schedule tours, and navigate you through the application process. It's a breeze.

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You’ve never had a search experience like this. Browse over 80,000 buildings and discover how much cash back you can earn at each. Let our rewards program help guide you home.

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This is the part you don’t want to miss. Add “Lighthouse” as the referral on your application. When the apartment recognizes that you worked with Lighthouse, the real magic begins.

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Ta-da! Once approved, we’ll send you a link to connect your bank account so you can start receiving cash back. The process is quick and easy. It’s your reward for being a great renter.
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