What We Know About Cowan Place

What We Know About Cowan Place



5400 E Rosedale St, Fort Worth, TX 76105






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Cowan Place Senior Living at Stop Six is located at the intersection of East Rosedale Street and Andrew Avenue. The neighborhood is called Stop Six because it was the sixth stop on the Northern Texas Traction Co. interurban streetcar that ran from Dallas to Fort Worth from 1902 to 1934.

Cowan Place is a four-story, mixed-income community, offering one and two-bedroom apartments for residents 62 and older. Amenities include rooms for a library and theater, fitness studio, salon, billiards, crafts, and other spaces for private meetings with health care professionals. Residents will also have access to a central, terraced courtyard.

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Oct 14, 2020 - Fort Worth Housing Solutions and development partner McCormack Baron Salazar have finalized architectural renderings for Cowan Place, the mixed-income, senior living community that forms Phase I of the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative.

The $35.3 million Cowan Place is the first of six planned phases of affordable housing for this southeast Fort Worth community and the first new housing development of any magnitude in Stop Six in decades. The development is named for Alonzo and Sarah Cowan, who purchased three acres in the community in 1902 and donated land for the area’s first church. Stop Six initially was known as Cowanville in recognition of the family’s contribution and later renamed for its post on a Fort Worth-Dallas electric streetcar line. (Fwhs)

Sep 16, 2021 - Cowan Place Breaks Ground in Stop Six Neighborhood. Cowan Place — a 174-unit senior living community at the intersection of East Rosedale Street and Andrew Avenue marks Phase One of the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative, an effort to revitalize the East Fort Worth community with better quality housing and resources. Spearheading the project are Fort Worth Housing Solutions and the City of Fort Worth, along with developer McCormack Baron Salazar among other partners.

Construction on Cowan Place will take about 24 months, and leasing begins in 2023. (Ftwx)

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